By Amann Engineering GmbH, Geneva, 2018

A recognized safety expert in heavy industries and civil construction, Amann Engineering is your reliable and objective ally in the protection of your personnel, supporting you on key OpEx & CapEx investment decisions.



Site Support

23 years of experience over 5 continents, in plants we helped build, commission and inspect.
A constant passion for safety, at your service.

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Technology & Digital

3D Thermography, Silo Scan, Drone Photogrammetry,
Reverse Engineering, Risk Data Collecton and GIS Mapping. Modern tools to support your needs.

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Site Laser Scan

The latest Swiss Technology, to support inspections and your projects and safety in an incredibly new way.




Training & Coaching

We have so much experience. Whether for of a group of Team Experts or for one-on-one sessions, we love to share!