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Optimizing production


Process bodies such as cyclones and coolers are under constant strain from the high temperatures and constant flows of air and materials.

On a cyclone shell, insufficient skin temperature below water dew point can dramatically increase the corrosion. On the opposite side losing refractory nay generate permanent loss of strength of the steel plates, creating unsustainable deformation and/or cracks.
In all of these cases production stoppage may be required, together with repairs and/or changing the cyclone.

While kilns are typically fully covered with dedicated scanners, static elements are monitored only with routine inspection open to possible deficiencies.

Our service will provide you with an inspection of cutting edge precision, an effective reporting thermal and physical in 3 dimensions. Management will have solid data in hands to decide on priorities and production will be optimized by the early detection and resolution of these hot spots, thermal and mechanical deformations.
Opex and Capex will be reduced, making the cost of our own inspection insignificant versus the savings.

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