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Giving time to our people and heritage

Aside from the daily pure production job there is so much we can do and want to do for our communities, give back with some care and say thanks.

From helping local fireman to better assess critical known cavities, support government authorities in post disaster situations or just train local young people and give them more skills, there is so much to do.
In parallel to any mission we offer you to advantage of our presence and also specific equipment, and serve your neighboring community.

Examples of possible support:

  • train firemen crew on 3D Thermal for hot spot detection and people search.

  • laser scan of heritage buildings or natural elements for conservation purpose

  • drone pictures classes, just for fun and good souvenir!

  • civil engineering classes + laser scan demo to local tech. school

  • structural integrity assessment of community buildings, geotechnical survey

  • cartography of underground spaces for associations (speleology)

  • post disaster support and 3D imaging for damage reporting

At Amann we take pride in giving back, train and give some of our time in every of our missions.


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