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Structural integrity


The integrity of plant infrastructure is a matter of serious concern for those within any industry.  Given the dynamic and complex regulatory environment, our clients seek to effectively address and manage their company’s integrity related challenges.  With 25 years of specialized industry experience, we understand the process  industry and its complexity.  We are committed to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to help our clients maintain safe, reliable and efficient operations of their assets.

We have developed and applied advanced technologies to keep your equipment operating reliably and optimize your operations. Together with an extensive experience, that makes us uniquely qualified to serve segments such as:

  • full cement plant inspection "quarry to packing", focusing on structures and detecting faults

  • 3D imaging into confined space with "no man entry" techniques

  • silo deformations measurement (shell, walls, roof)

  • geotechnical assessment of your asset foundations 

  • ground subsidence measurement from satellite data

  • post disaster support and 3D imaging for damage reporting, within your plant or as a support to neighboring communities

With expertise and innovation working together, we are a guarantee of the safest and better solution for your assets.


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