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Our silo inspection is the safest and most precise act allowing the assessment in detail of the condition inside your silo or confined space. No man entry is required, not the installation of lamps and electrical network. Just any access hole greater than 4" (10 cm) will do.
We work mainly on silos where very significant dead stock is known and cleaning needed in order to re-establish the fullest operation. Our system allows to do that in a minimum time and maximum safety, and we deliver a complete report with measured quantities.
Our assessment is both visual and based on precise graphic documents that are highly technical but also easy to understand. Our reporting typically is of great use during your silo cleaning consultation phase as it describes with certainty the exact quantities to be removed. Contractors are then able to quote their best price based on sound data, and will also focus better on the real job during silo cleaning.
We can identify and localize areas of spall and potential instability. We intervene generally on silos but also any confined space such as cyclone, cooler, limestone storage shed. The technique can also be applied for the determination of silo wall thicknesses or dust accumulation measurement on roofs and structures. Is the best preparation for a work in safe conditions. for the safety of personnel and assets.
Our inspections are mostly visual and enriched with combined 3D imaging techniques: digital picture full dome, laser scan with time of flight measurement, 3D Thermal.
Th epoint cloud analysis brings a significative value to the diagnostic. It becomes possible to precisely calculate volumes, compute sections and measure direct distances with their full XYZ components.

  • We detect signs of distress in the roof structure, cracks and support condition

  • We answer site questions on conditions such as cracks and spall, recommend repair when needed. 

  • Being independent, we can also advise on whether do or not to do some repairing works sometimes proposed by contractors having a personal interest.

  • We can train your personnel on the use of tools.



We share our results on our own web viewer that allows you to navigate the data,
Safety is also enhanced because the technology no longer requires you to make measurement at height not to have a surveyot spend a long time in a particular area. 


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